Introduction: Time And Work

Work is defined as something which has an effect or outcome; often the one desired or expected. The basic concept of Time and Work is similar to that across all Arithmetic topics, i.e. the concept of Proportionality.

Efficiency is inversely proportional to the Time taken when the amount of work done is constant.

Time And Work

This can be used to compare efficiencies and Time taken across different groups In Time-Speed-Distance, efficiency is replaced by Speed; i.e. Speed is inversely proportional to Time when the Distance is constant.

Pipes and Cisterns are just an application of Time and Work. Concept wise, it is one and the same. In the above proportionality, Efficiency is replaced by Rate of filling. The equation in this case becomes

Time And Work

The concept of percentage of work done can be used to solve most of the related questions.

A few basic points one needs to know to use the percentage concept are: When it is said that someone has done a work, it means he has done 100 % of the work. Hence, if A finishes a work in 4 days, it means- in 4 days he will do 100% of the work. Hence, in one day he finishes 25% (100/4) of the work. Similarly, in 3 days he finishes 75 % of the work.

Time and Work Shortcut Tricks:

Table of commonly used numbers:

Time And Work

The complete work can also be considered as 1 unit. Then if A takes 4 days to finish a work, it means he can finish 1/4th of the work in 1 day.