The Computer plays an important role in every sector nowadays. It is the most scoring section in banking exams like IBPS clerk, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, etc. The basic fundamentals are very important for a candidate who aspires to pursue his/her career in the banking sector.

Even the technological advancement is at its peak with every increasing hour. The important computer terms will help the candidates with the real world problems related to computer.

IBPS and SBI are about to conduct written exams for the recruitment of different posts. There are two stages in a written examination which is prelims and mains. Mains consist of computer knowledge section where the basics and important terms are likely to be put to test.

The list of important computer terms is as follows:

  • Virus: It is a piece of code which disrupts the system by making it corrupted. The Virus can even replicate itself while getting transferred from one system to another via emails. The worst scenario is when virus deletes everything from the hard disk. The main purpose of a virus is making the whole system inactive.
  • Antivirus software: It is a series of coded programs which prevents the computer from the harmful virus like malware, trojan and much more. There are many antivirus software like Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, Quick heal, etc which needs to be updated in the system at regular intervals for its smooth operation.
  • Malware: It is malicious software which corrupts computer and mobile operations that  provide unauthorized access on private system and even displays harmful contents. The information on a specific system gets copied without the user’s notice and disrupts the normal operation. Usage of malware specific tools or antivirus helps to prevent malware. Mainly malware gets spread from a system to another through unwanted emails which are not from a specified sender.
  • Computer worm: This is a program of standalone malware where it gets spread through computer networks. The security failure of a system is the reason of such harmful computer worm. The important documents or files get deleted whenever a system is affected by the computer worm.
  • Trojan horse: It is a malicious program which affects the system of the users from its true intent. It introduces the virus to a system. They do not replicate themselves but are very destructive.
  • Authorization: It is the function of specifying access rights related to informational security or computer security but can only be controlled by a specified user. Authorization is an important aspect of computer and helps to maintain security as well as privacy.
  • Authentication: When the credentials are compared to those of the database of the original file it is termed as authentication. The true value of a data is checked over again to confirm. It helps the system to give authentic access to users.
  • Hacker: The person who has complete depth of knowledge about the computer with which they can access others system and gain all the valuable information or damage at times. The technical problems which get locked or are difficult to access can be solved by hackers. This person uses his/her highly skilled computer knowledge to accomplish their task.
  • Phishing: The practice of sending fake emails or trying to get that personal information like name, password or money at times is known as phishing. The personal information gets revealed in an electronic communication by the person in disguise of an authorized user.
  • Spoofing attack: When a person or program impersonates the identity of another by falsifying important data thereby gaining an unfair and illegitimate advantage.  There is various spoofing attack that the fraudulent party can use for their own purpose.